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Hereinafter referred to as the Arbitration Court

Procedural costs in the arbitration court


Claimed amount



Fees for


Arbitrator’s fee if the dispute allowes:

1 arbitrator

3 arbitrators

Up to 2`134 EUR 8% of amount but not less than 75 EUR 100 EUR 95 EUR
From 2`135 EUR to 7’114 EUR 140 EUR + 2.5% of amount exceeding 2`134 EUR 160 EUR 115 EUR
From 7’115 EUR to 28`457 EUR 200 EUR + 2% of amount exceeding 7`114 EUR 260 EUR 160 EUR
From 28`458 EUR to 142’287 EUR 416 EUR + 1% of amount exceeding 27’457 EUR 500 EUR 330 EUR
From 142’288 EUR to 711’435 EUR 1`856 EUR + 0,6% of amount exceeding 142`287 EUR 885 EUR 470 EUR
More than 711`435 EUR 6581 EUR + 0,37% of amount exceeding 711`435 EUR

1850 EUR

1025 EUR

Intangible claim 300 EUR

220 EUR

170 EUR


  1. The costs of the arbitration court are given without value added tax (21%).

  2. All payments, the recipient of which is the arbitration court, shall be made in EUR.

  3. The arbitration court does not return a fee paid for the proceedings.

  4. The party wishing to arbitration meeting was recorded, must pay an additional fee to the arbitration court for secretarial services, in accordance with the rate of 15 EUR / hour.

  5. Remuneration for translation and interpretation services is determined based on estimates submitted by a sworn translator, interpreter or translation agency.

  6. Remuneration for services of an expert is determined based on estimates submitted by the expert, the expert office or other institution performing the expertise.

  7. The amount of the travel expenses and subsistence expenses of the arbitrator shall be determined based on calculations submitted by the arbitrator and his or her supporting documents.

  8. Fee for the copies of archives materials in the case that has been completed is 1 EUR per page.

Bank details for payment of the procedural costs in the arbitration court:


NGO „Strīdu alternatīva izšķiršana”   
Unified reg.No. – 40008238598
Bank: AS „SEB banka”
Account No. - LV74UNLA0050023206187


Board member

NGO „Strīdu alternatīva izšķiršana”                                          Karlis Štraus

Hereinafter referred to as the Arbitration Court
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