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Hereinafter referred to as the Arbitration Court

Historical aspect

Search for a more effective method to resolve commercial disputes is continued uninterruptedly. The business world has recognized a number of alternative methods of dispute resolution.

These are:

  • The resolution of disputes with government agencies;
  • The resolution of disputes outside the public institutions or so-called alternative dispute resolution.
  • In turn, the resolution of disputes outside the state judicial institutions can be implemented as:
  • Reconciliation;
  • Brokering in dispute resolution (mediation);
  • Reference tribunal or arbitration court.

The current reality is that state judicial institutions have to judge a huge number of cases, with a limited number of judges. Many cases are delayed due to appeals and cassation appeals.

Advantages of the proceedings in an arbitration court

What is arbitration court?

Arbitration Court is a fast, fair, quality way of dispute resolution that encourages the stabilization of economic relations and improves the business environment. An essential part of the procedure of legal protection is the development of modern legal regulation to facilitate the development of business in the European meaning. Development of dispute resolutions by arbitration court becomes a necessary factor in regulating the economic and legal environment of the state.

Hereinafter referred to as the Arbitration Court
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